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Time, Talent & Treasure lead to Rewards & Achievement

Valley Christian Academy relies on your help to provide our children with the best education possible. Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their school do better academically. Fund-raising projects provide us with an opportunity for teamwork in helping the school achieve our goals and objectives, as well as an atmosphere for the development of family bonding and camaraderie.

In order to achieve the above purposes and in an effort to keep tuition as low as possible, VCA is announcing a new “Family Service Plan” wherein every family must assume the responsibility of contributing to Valley Christian Academy  Family Service Plan according to both the Financial and Service Hour Commitments.

1. Financial Commitment

Agreement to contribute a minimum of $120 through selling Candy Bars which is our only mandatory fund raiser.  ($60 buy-out alternative option.)

2. Service Hour Commitment

Annual agreement to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours (20 hours for single parents) . Each family should account for all service hours performed and submit the total number of hours served to the school office in order to be credited to the family service plan. Service hours may be recorded on the form provided. The final date to submit service hours for the current school year will be April 30.

Additional Information

The accumulation of service hours will be on a school year basis, from September of the current school year through April of the following school year. Any hours accumulated after April 30 will be applied to the service contract for the following year. Any hours earned after April 30, but before the close of school may be submitted prior to school closing in June.

If a family does not meet the minimum fundraising requirement ($120), the difference will be added to the May tuition bill.

If a family does not meet the minimum service hour requirements (30 hours / 20 for single parents), the difference will be added to the May tuition bill at a rate of $10.00 per hour.

Additional hours do not equate to a reduction in tuition.

What Counts As Service Hours:

All labor volunteered will be credited hour for hour unless indicated. Donated goods/materials will be credited as noted below.
  1. Labor (hour for hour)
  2. Attend Back to School Night
  3. Field trip chaperone/driver
  4. Athletic event assistance/driver
  5. Athletic coaching
  6. Facility Maintenance
  7. Lion Pride Booster Club Activities
  8. Annual Golf Tournament Event
  9. Classroom sponsor / volunteer
  10. Booster committee chair
  11. Working concession stand for the athletic program
  12. Helping with school events
  13. Donated Goods/Materials – all one hour credit unless noted
  14. Baked goods/food for various activities
  15. Donations for the Fiesta de Tacos Dinner/Auction
  16. Silent/Live auction and Raffle item donations
  17. Providing items for classroom support
  18. Providing items for a concession stand for athletic events

Please contact the school office to receive credit if you have contributed in a way that is not listed above.

Recording Service Hours and Fundraising Dollars