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High School Academic Enrichment Program @ Sierra College

VCA high school students can start taking college classes through Sierra College's Academic Enrichment program starting in the 9th grade. Students that take academic enrichment courses earn both high school and college credit for each class they complete.

Students are able to take Sierra College courses that are CSU/UC transferable, are not on the Sierra College restricted course list, and are not remedial courses offered at the high school level.

Each course that a student is interested in taking must be outside of the students' normal daily schedule.

Students that are interested in taking an academic enrichment course should talk to VCA's school counselor about course options and establish an academic plan of courses. Students and parents should review the following information taken from Sierra College website about their specific program. 


Sierra College Academic Enrichment Program Information

How Do I Earn College Credit in High School?

Sierra College offers different ways to earn college credit for students still in high school, either at a participating high school or at Sierra College. Both options are tuition-free and the credits you earn may even count at both schools. Taking college classes in high school can save you time and money, and it helps prepare you for college.

Plus, if you decide to attend a two-year California Community College following graduation from high school, earning college credit now will not affect your eligibility for Two Years Free.

Who is eligible?

Students who attend a high school or adult school, which have a current Academic Enrichment Compliance Form on file with our Admissions and Records office, or

Students must have completed the equivalent of 8th grade and be in good academic standing 

How do I get started?

Meet with your high school counselor to discuss your class options and to verify that you qualify.

Apply to Sierra College. Apply online through OpenCCC and indicate that you are a high school student. We recommend using a personal email and not a school email. Learn how to apply to our Academic Enrichment program.

Set up your mySierra account. Refer to your Welcome email and use the password reset tool to create your account. If you have not received the Welcome email, contact Admissions and Records.

Complete the Academic Enrichment Program Application:  Sierra College Academic Enrichment Program Application

Email the completed form to:

Once processed, you will receive confirmation in your mySierra email inbox. Please allow up to five business days for processing. 

Accept College Terms and Condition. Log into your mySierra and click on the Terms and Conditions link to accept.

Register for classes in mySierra

Make sure the class you want isn't restricted. Review the  Academic Enrichment Restricted Course List.

Refer to the Ready4Reg page for instructions.

What else should I know?

Once admitted as an Academic Enrichment student, you must take a minimum of courses from your local high school: 

Fall and spring attendance: Academic Enrichment students must attend high school classes for at least a minimum of one day 

Summer attendance: Academic Enrichment students do not have to attend high school for minimum one day

If you have questions about specific courses at Sierra College and how they relate to a particular career or major you’re considering, please schedule an appointment with a Sierra College Counselor. A counselor can help you understand how your Academic Enrichment course fits into a pathway you are considering. Meeting with a Sierra College counselor should not replace meeting with your high school counselor. Please call the counseling office to book an appointment with:

Rocklin Campus: (916) 660-7400

Nevada County Campus: (530) 274-5303

Tahoe-Truckee Campus: (530) 550-2225