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The calling….
Valley Christian Academy was a vision and burden in my heart for many years before we actually started it. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was calling me to bring it about physically as He brought about those for whom He wanted us to minister.

Today’s blessing….
Today it blesses my heart beyond words. I love children and young people – I love watching each stage of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. I love day in and day out of it all. Yes….it’s a great deal of work and emotional drain – but they’re worth every second!

Strong leadership….
At present, I am still an administrator, but my beloved oldest son – Brad Gunter, Jr. – is the one who really runs the daily operations as vice principal. He holds the same vision that God gave me and, too, has a deep love for young people and a conviction for them to follow Christ. I must say that he is far better and wiser in handling young people’s misbehaviors and advising and guiding them than I ever have done. Young people gravitate to him and respect him and his advice. When it comes to high school students, he wisely disciplines them for correction. His discipline reminds me of the Lord’s with us according to Romans 2:4 – “…..or despises the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long suffering; not knowing that the gentleness of the Lord leads me to repentance?”

Our focus…
Since we run VCA as a non-denominational school, we focus on Christian character building. Teaching young people to know the Lord, love the Lord, and want to obey the Lord and His word. Nothing comes overnight. It is step-upon-step – working with you as their parents in partnership.

Our staff is key…
One of the unique things about VCA is that all of our paid staff is required to be members of TBC. It’s not so much a doctrinal issue as it is for all of us having the feeling of being a family, having the same heart, the same ministry calling, and the same philosophy. You know that at your own church you have a doctrine but you also have a philosophy – a way of doing certain things – within that body. In all these years we’ve found how great this works. Staff turnover is extremely low – teachers have been here going on 20-some years and it cuts down on staff conflict because they’re family to one another and your children.

The Lord has provided…
VCA is not known for its multi-million dollar buildings….God has never provided that much that way – yet He continually provides our needs and our students see and hear it (a GREAT faith builder):

Each donation has a ‘story’ to tell:

Modular buildings given to us or being purchased for a $1.00

All the baseball field’s backstop, bleachers, etc. given to us by Mather Air force Base

We needed a wooden basketball court when we built our gym about 3 years ago. How did God provide? We got the Oakland Coliseum’s wood floor from the 60’s! Along with it came the old-fashioned hoops from the Coliseum.

We didn’t have money to put in bleachers in the gym. One day, a year after it was up and running, a man that had gotten saved at TBC 20-some years ago but attended another church now, unexpectedly called me and said they were tearing down Galt High School’s gym. They were going to be throwing away bleachers that were only a few years old, and did we need them because we came to his mind…. Hallelujah!

Other ‘miraculous’ donations…

$7,000 worth of padding for the gym walls was donated…How? A lady – a friend of one of the family’s in the school- bought a storage unit’s abandoned contents. What were some of the items in there? PADDING! MANY…and what was the color of them? OUR SCHOOL COLOR – Maroon – Hallelujah!

Brand new carpeting donated for classrooms

TV’s, VCR’s, computers, printers, microwaves….donated

Paint – donated

Painters – donated

Lockers – donated

An artist donated her skill and time to do classroom walls

Another artist donated her skill and time to do the outside walls of the elementary bldg.

Loads upon loads of concrete donated

Student’s desks, filing cabinets, teacher’s desks donated

Cars donated

Lawnmowers donated

Tools donated

Scoreboards donated

Weight room and weight equipment donated


Through prayer, trusting, and waiting. We run a tight ship financially here – our overhead is not large, and if we do not have the money for something, we don’t get it. We depend on Him a great deal to provide. Because of this we’re able to keep our fees lower than other Christian schools and minister to families who otherwise might not be able to provide their children with a Christian school education.

I’m sorry this is a little lengthy, but I’m trying to provide you with a “feel” for Valley and what we’re all about.

Please visit us – Set up an appointment. We annually begin enrollment for the new school year in February.